The bedroom is a secluded place where we relax and rest from the hustle and bustle. That is why many people prefer soothing colors for decoration: beige, pale pink, blue or win-win white. And when you want to add bright colors to a peaceful atmosphere, accent walls come to the rescue. A creative move is only becoming more popular every year: if earlier many simply painted the wall in a different shade, today there are a lot of design options for every taste and color. We collected seven bedrooms of our heroes, where the accent walls really deserve attention.

Mountains for travelers 

Designer Ekaterina Garashchuk came up with this beautiful interior for a young couple who travel a lot. The customers wanted to decorate the space in a modern style, and Ekaterina completely coped with the task.

Design: Ekaterina Garashchuk

In the bedroom, we managed to create an amazing design inspired by one of the main hobbies of the owners of the apartment. The painting on the wall at the head of the bed was made by the artist Irina Yudenkova - thanks to her work, stunning mountains appeared in the room, from which it is impossible to look away. “I wanted this room to give peace and relaxation, as well as inspire to conquer new heights,” the designer explained.

Design: Ekaterina Garashchuk

In harmony with nature 

The owner of a small apartment is a girl who practices yoga and vocals, plays the piano and loves to travel. Designer Elena Muzychenko transformed the space into a practical kopeck piece, where the bedroom has become a real masterpiece.

Design: Elena Muzychenko

Part of the wall behind the head of the bed was decorated with a wooden panel. This is a great solution, because the use of natural materials in the interior allows you to get closer to nature and is a current trend. And the light wood contrasts beautifully with the dark shade of the walls.

Design: Elena Muzychenko

Gentle accent in space 

For a family with two sons , designer Tatyana Korolkova thought out a bright and original interior. The basis was a gray base, and the elegant tiffany shade and contrasting elements in the furniture acted as accents.

Design: Tatyana Korolkova

In the bedroom, they sought to create a feeling of maximum comfort: the bed and mattress were carefully chosen, and to make the interior look more interesting, they added a spectacular accent wall. The wall panels were made to order in the workshop - the elements were put together into a single structure, like a puzzle. Soft parts were assembled into a frame and fixed on a square substrate - it turned out very beautiful and non-standard.

Design: Tatyana Korolkova

Striking geometric print 

The customer lives in this apartment with her teenage son, for whom the designer Yulia Levina designed a practical interior. As a result, everyone has their own corner, and in the common area you can gather with the whole family and receive guests.

Design: Julia Levina

I want to pay special attention to the bedroom: there is a magnificent light accent wall with a geometric print. Thanks to black cornices and corners, the space becomes more graphic - the technique can be safely adopted.

Calm and harmony 

Designer Irina Vasilyeva has known her client for years: she wanted to create a positive and festive interior that is guaranteed to cheer you up. That is why we decided to use bright colors in the project, and the bedroom turned into a fabulous room.

Design: Irina Vasilyeva

The wall behind the head of the bed was hand-painted in delicate and noble shades at the same time. The abstract drawing is framed by wall panels: linear lamps and hanging pedestals are conveniently integrated into them.

Design: Irina Vasilyeva

Wall with a twist 

This apartment is inhabited by a young girl who dreamed of a modern style apartment filled with elegant details. Designer Denis Tarasenko turned her wishes into reality: the hostess got not only a functional space, but also a magical bedroom.

Design: Denis Tarasenko

A soothing atmosphere reigns in the room: it is created by a well-chosen color palette and a fresco behind the head of the bed. Images of plants add warmth and comfort - you will want to stay in such a bedroom for hours. By the way, the designer also paid attention to textiles: it is very pleasant to touch curtains, bedspreads and linen.

Modern wall panel solution 

Designers from the Blackdot studio created an interior for a young couple working in the IT field. The main goal is to design a modern apartment with interesting details and unusual accents. The bedroom seems to fit that description perfectly.

Design: BLACKDOT studio

The wall behind the head of the bed is decorated with painted MDF wall panels: according to the designers, it was difficult to find the right shade. I had to go through a lot of pre-painting, but the result justified the effort: the accent wall turned out to be discreet, stylish and concise.

Design: BLACKDOT studio

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