Nordic flooring: functionality with Ikea furniture

From the Nordic floors we can get many ideas, but the ones that can be most useful to us are those of the small apartments. Nobody, like Nordic designs, takes advantage of every square meter of available space so well. They play with vertical space, with light, with large windows that provide spaciousness and with white furniture that provides a sense of space.

They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, because they never stop surprising us with simple and very practical ideas. It is part of his taste for functionality. In each room with small Nordic floors, we find original ideas, as well as perfect for how useful they are. For this reason, for having taught us that design and ideas are not at odds with low price, it is that the Nordic floors whistle me.

The perfect kitchen

Many times we see houses with wonderful kitchens. With large islands, dream dining rooms, breakfast bars and amazing finishes. We all like to dream ... However, on the real side of life, in which almost everyone has small kitchens and a budget that we cannot forget, Nordic kitchens are usually perfect to inspire us.

Beautiful to rage, full of details, always keeping in mind the functionality and without losing sight for a moment that they also have to enchant us. Small details rule the Nordic design. 

The retro tile in white, and the grout in black, is simply wonderful. It gives a special touch to the room, just like the two "bare" bulbs on the countertop. Functional and at the same time, contributing ideas and creativity to the whole.

Well-used terraces and balconies

The second thing that strikes me about their houses, no matter how small, is the use they make of terraces and balconies. No matter how many meters they have, they know how to take advantage of them and enjoy them all year round. For this, Ikea furniture is perfect. 

They always have a folding table, chairs that can be hung on the wall to clear the space, hanging planters that take up almost nothing. If you haven't seen the Ikea spring catalog , don't wait any longer.

The functional living room

Four well-chosen things are enough. That is the lesson of the Nordic floors with few meters. Normally we see them with a good chaise longue type sofa, an armchair that accompanies. Decorative baskets that go with the tones. And blank furniture. For small floors, nothing better than the functional ones from Ikea, in light tones, with doors that allow storage and extra storage, which is always great.

Charming dealer

They know it perfectly: the entrance to the houses is essential. It must be decorated with care, and at the same time, it must be useful for those who live in the apartment. It is the first impression that any visitor takes of the house, therefore, it must be orderly and with beautiful elements. Sometimes it is complicated, but the truth is that Nordic environments tell us that less is more, and with little well-disposed, everything works better.

Flirty room

It does not seem to you that there is a huge difference when you imagine this same room, with the same furniture and finishes, but without the gray painted wall that serves as the headboard. 

The cost of painting it can be € 20, however, the impact it has on the final result of the stay is incredible. With a white base and a touch of color, this simple and flirty room offers us a low-cost solution that I love .

The huge closet

Few meters yes, but taking advantage of them. The large corner wardrobe in the room tells us about one of the premises of Nordic design: functionality. Nothing just works if it's just pretty. 

For this reason, in their houses we always see all the well-thought-out and used holes so that in small flats, things of all kinds can be stored. This large wardrobe, from Ikea's PAX series, does not disappoint when it comes to giving us space at a low price, don't you think?

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