Ten reasons to love the Pax wardrobe from Ikea

Via @our_callala_build

1.- Because of its height 

There are two heights available (2.01 and 2.35 meters) and the highest, -of 2.35 cm- is very close to the usual maximum height of a standard floor or house (2.40 cm). So even though it's not tailored by getting that close to the ceiling, it seems like it.

2. -It's nice open or closed 

That they choose it to dress the interior of many dressing rooms is for a reason, and that if you choose the white finish and with glass drawers, the interior is light and beautiful to dress the interior of a dressing room.

3.- Because of how well it adapts to corners 

The Pax wardrobe system has the power to adapt to corners so that you can have a wardrobe, despite how difficult the distribution of space is.

4. Because it has two funds 

The standard (58 cm) for 60 cm cabinets but has a less depth measurement of 35 cm and accessories adapted to this measure in which you can also include hanging bars and that is perfect, for small spaces or passageways such as the entrance or the corridor.

5.- For its glass drawers 

The glass drawers are a complement "of the good ones" if you do it to average. Of those that make their design more expensive but with the adjusted prices of the pax you can afford them (and enjoy).

6.- Because of its removable tray for accessories Or another "deluxe" extra that can include our wardrobe.

7.- Because of the possibility of choosing between many doors and hacking their final design 

Because for the doors you can choose between sliding or folding and between different designs;  classic , youthful, or smooth ... and materials such as lacquers, textiles, wood, mirrors and the most sustainable ones such as cork or those designed with pet bottles.

8.- Because there are three interior finishes 

Because for its interior design you can choose between white, light wood and black-brown . Which means another possibility to personalize and make the wardrobe to suit you.

9.- Due to the constant incorporation of new features.  

The best thing is that the system is still very much alive and is constantly updated with new accessories and finishes. Among the latest the pants

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